Stories About Us $15

Image20150905 15464 1myilsm
Near mint.
Inventory 028

Jade Warrior Released $35

Image20150905 3067 zedh7b
Ex+ all the way around.
Vertigo label.
Inventory 027

Jade Warrior Jade Warrior $35

Image20150905 3067 ufihpb
Very nice shape. Near mint.
Vertigo label.
Inventory 026

John Lennon Plastic Ono Band $20

Image20150905 3067 6472k7
Very nice shape. Correct sleeve. White Apple label.
Inventory 025

David Blue Nice Baby and the Angel $15

Image20150904 15464 1fcoya
Super shape both vinyl and cover.
Inventory 023

Eric Von Schmidt Who Knocked the Brains Out of the Sky $15

Image20150904 15464 6dk1gx
super shape all around. Vinyl looks incredible. Cover is fine but it is a cutout.
Inventory 022

Richard & Linda Thompson Hokey Pokey $20

Image20150617 10570 1ft14uu
Very nice, near mint all around.
Inventory 020.

SpookyTooth You Broke My Heart so I Busted Your Jaw $15

Image20150617 10574 sn7z41
Has the letter M written on the front otherwise very nice condition.
Inventory 019.

Rush Signals $15

Image20150617 10570 k4vjft
Both cover and LP are EX+
Inventory 018

Led Zeppelin In Through the Out Door $15

Image20150617 10574 m6qy45
Everything is EX+.
Inventory 015

Led Zeppelin IV $17.50

Image20150617 10570 1f5grg2
Cover VG+ and vinyl is EX.  Inside jacket is torn.
Inventory 013

The Elephant $10

Image20150617 10570 cf2f9e
Near Mint with the letter M written on cover. Vinyl looks great.
Inventory 010

Uriah Heep The Magicians Birthday $10

Image20150617 23088 1ie3y66
Cover has the letter M written on the front and some paper loss on the top left. Vinyl is Excellent.
Inventory 008

Boomerang featuring Marc Stein $25

Image20150617 23081 d0rd4c
jacket has an M and X written on front. Vinyl is Nr Mt.
Inventory 006

Procol Harum Exotic Birds and Fruit $10

Image20150617 23088 1lfl2h0
Jacket and vinyl are both in vg+ shape.

Strawbs No Madness $7

Image20150617 23081 1y1fc7b
Vinyl is mr mint. Cover has writing on front.
Inventory 004